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The Differences between Boxers and Ordinary Individuals


I and my brother are both boxing athletes. While I competed at the city level, my brother made it to the provincial and even national teams. However, lacking natural talent, I didn’t achieve any significant results in two training cycles and eventually retired.

The Differences between Boxers and Ordinary Individuals


Let’s discuss the gaps between boxers and ordinary individuals:

1. Physical Fitness: We undergo four training sessions per day, focusing on target heart rate. Essentially, we push our physical limits and strive for breakthroughs in every session. Ordinary individuals struggle to throw punches even after just two rounds of sparring with me, let alone lasting for two rounds in a match.

Ordinary Individuals

2. Power: Boxing requires explosive power, utilizing the force generated from the ground, transferring it through the body, and delivering punches with relaxed arms that snap like a whip. When making contact, we clench our fists and secure our wrists. This level of power is overwhelming for ordinary individuals. Even during our sparring sessions, we often get stunned by the power of our opponents.
3. Technique: To put it simply, boxing is a regulated form of combat. It demands meticulous technique and is far from being a barbaric sport. ESPN has rated boxing as the most challenging sport among all athletic disciplines. Ordinary individuals tend to tense their shoulders during fights, resulting in slow punches. In contrast, boxers keep their shoulders relaxed, enabling them to generate speed. Boxing is not about wild flurries; it follows a rhythmic pattern of attack, defense, and counterattack, which remains constant. Ordinary individuals usually lack head protection, similar to traditional martial artists who also neglect it. In the eyes of boxers, this is equivalent to offering an advantage to their opponents.
4. Mental Strength: Professional boxers possess significantly stronger psychological resilience than ordinary individuals. This attribute is acquired through rigorous training. Ordinary individuals are often too afraid to maintain eye contact with a fist, let alone keep their eyes open when punches come their way. Even if a punch lands on our eyes, we won’t close them. Moreover, we never lower our heads. We analyze every move of our opponents and swiftly devise countermeasures, whether it’s an attack, defense, feint, or sidestep. We execute these actions in the blink of an eye and immediately prepare for the next move. This ability is developed through training, something that ordinary individuals simply cannot achieve.
Let me share a real-life incident. One year, my brother participated in a championship in the northern region. While dining at a restaurant, he witnessed a brawl between two groups. My brother and his teammates intervened to break it up. During the scuffle, someone attempted to strike my brother with a bottle. Instinctively, he sidestepped and delivered a devastating hook, breaking four ribs and puncturing two lungs of the assailant. It resulted in a compensation claim of $100,000

This incident illustrates the vast difference between boxers and ordinary individuals. As our coach always reminds us, don’t complain about fatigue because this is the profession we have chosen, and we must excel in it.

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